Family Photos

For the impatient:  Pictures!

I'm in the process of uploading all of our pictures.  I opted for using flickr and I actually paid money for an account *gasp*.  By clicking on this link, you're using a "guest pass".  It has a few limitation:
  • You cannot use tags (ie search for all the photos that contain Lea and Monika)
  • The maps are kind of messed up.
  • You cannot add comments or anything to the pictures (which might be kind of fun).
  • You cannot get an e-mail notification when we add photos.
  • You're unable to download the original full-sized photos.
However, if you "sign up" to flickr (it's free, of course) and send us an e-mail with your yahoo login, we'll add you to the list of people we know and then you can have all sorts of fun (entirely at our expense).

A note for videos: For those who did "sign up".  Flickr only allows you only to view the first 90 seconds of a video.  However, it is possible to download the original videos.  When you find a video you're interested in click on the '<emb>' button, there you will find a 'Download this' link.

Regardless, of if you get the flickr account or not - you should click on the "slideshow" button.  It's a wonderful way to spend an hour watching our daughter dancing and jump around (hey, it must be wonderful because she like to watch it - over and over and over ...).